Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I am Home

For those that have followed my saga.  Mama having enlisted the help of my earthbound friends and My angels to do detective work and found out that my earthly remains had been in a freezer for three months.  *shakes my head*  

BUT I am home, on my shelf along with what is left of Hershey's remains.  Most of his ashes were spread across several states and I know that mine will be as well as soon as Mama can get her traveling shoes on.  Hershey flew down one night and pushed me over to the other side of the shelf.  He said I was crowding him *as if*.  He was a bigger doggie than me, so I think it is more him crowding me than the other way around.  But I am there with a monkey that Lily gave me, and my beaded collar that Hattie Mae gave me.  Mama let my Harley collar stay on me, and of course my monkey.  But, she wanted me to have a monkey on a shelf.  I don't really think that is anything close to to "elf on a shelf".  And my mammoth.  I was never allowed to play with my mammoth 'cause Mama thought it was special.  So he resides on the shelf with me.

I have been very busy sitting at Mama's side, licking her leg, trying to make that nasty old spider bite better.  For two weeks solid, I have sat there cause someone told me that doggie licks were the best thing to heal, not just tears, but wounds.  Now I am not saying that is the best thing in the world, and I am not a doctor, but it seems to have worked.  The nasty spider thing has closed up and is gonna leave a scar, and the swelling is gone. YAY.  So I have left Mama's side and flown back to the bridge.

I am looking at the beautiful Smoochy's moon tonight.  I am sure it has another name but for Mama it will always be Smoochy's moon.  My heart still hurts and I know Mama's does.  I see those tears and feel her loneliness.  I remember most of all the love.  The love she gave me unconditionally was epic, as all of the doggies here at the Bridge, we know how much we were loved and cared for.  

Life is good here at the Bridge.  I have enrolled in Leo's Cheffie classes.  And maybe one day I can boil an egg or at least water.  *chuckles*  



  1. Blows kisses to Smooch at The Bridge. Love you and Mama Kay. Will never forget your precious and huge heart. Miss you.

    Love JKWE, Huck, Moo and Elvis

  2. Sorry to have missed this. It is beautifully written as always. I love it and we love you Smoochy

  3. I just stumbled on this! *sniffs* Yep I know that smell...*grins*