Sunday, July 24, 2016

Freezing At the Bridge

The other day we were relaxing on a communal cloud.  Doggies dropped by off an on all day and we talked, laughed, and ate for hours.  Doughnuts are not fattening here at the Bridge and I always keep a huge plate of them available.  I am back up to my pre cancer weight of 140 pounds.  But no matter what I eat, I don't get any heavier.  Life is good here at the Bridge.  I only have one problem. . . 
I have been having fits of freezing.  Hershey and Linky thought it was very very strange since it is usually a wonderful temperature here.  While popping doughnuts, we decided to fly home later that day.  I talked Leo, Brody, Linky and a few others into joining us.  Paco said he was up for it.  And all of a sudden, Reba and Lucy said they would go too.  So we decided to fly down a little later.
We gathered at the meeting tree later,  and flew down on a beautiful moonlit night.  Smoochy's Moon.  If anyone had been looking at the moon at just the right time, they would have seen a winged pack of angels flying in it's silhouette.  We were having a wonderful time flying in the cool, clear night.  Then I saw it, Home.  We flew down swiftly and landed in the back yard.  Hershey stuck his head in the doggy door and looked back at us and told us to come on.  
We came in quietly, the doggy door flopping over and over again and I saw Mama turn her head to the noise but seeing nothing she shook her head and then she felt it.  The cool touch of all of the Bridge pack rubbing against her legs and nuzzling her hand.  The smile on her face was huge.  
We wandered about the house for a bit, sniffing everything.  My pillow was still in it's place.  Mama just can't seem to get rid of it.  Other things were gone though.  My food bowl, some toys.  My 3 foot monkey was in the chair and I touched it with my nose.  I heard a noise and looked around.  Linky was rolling my wiggly giggly ball around.  Reba and Lucy were looking in Mama's make up drawer.  Then I heard a slight growl.  I turned and Hershey was sitting in front of the book shelf.  He was looking at the top shelf, the shelf that holds his ashes and collar.  He whispered, "Look".  I looked at there were no Smoochy ashes.  No where.  We looked everywhere but nothing. Nada.  
Hershey looked at the rest of us and just spoke quietly with a little growl. . . "let's go".  I was not sure where we were going but we took off in a run out the doggie door and flew up into the night air.
We flew for a bit, then landed at a pet funeral parlor.  The one Mama had sent me too.  Leo broke into a window and we all piled through.  "You know you have been cold, Smoochy", Hershey said.  "I think I know why".  He started opening freezer doors, then we all did.  
In front of one, I eased the door open and fell to the floor.  They all gathered around, and there I was.  Frozen. . . . No wonder I had been cold.  I had an icicle on my nose.  I started to wail, shaking and crying.  
Hershey and Paco put there paws around me.  Hershey got this look on his face and stomped off.  We all followed.  When we got in the office we saw him writing as best he could on a piece of paper.
CALL xxx-xxx-xxxx Mama Kay and apologize and tell her you are sorry.  NOW!
The note was ominous, but we filed out a little subdued and flew back to the Bridge.
Mama got a call Wednesday. . . The earthly remains of Smoochy will be home on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!
Angel Power. . . to the Moon And Back.  And I am no longer *cold*

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  1. It is a good thing you were neutered. Those are the first things to freeze off