Sunday, July 17, 2016


This week has been one of sorrow.  I was lounging waiting for Leo to come visit.  He has been so busy with all of his Brigade friends that I had invited him to come today, hoping he had time to acclimate himself to things here.  I was planting flowers around the pond that I made of Mama's tears.  It has been close to flooding some days, yesterday was the third month I had been here and I must say I thought it was gonna run over.  Then I felt it, that pierce to My heart and that howl that began at one end of the Bridge and built as it rolled over me.  Now, being a Lab I have never howled in my life with Mama, but I have learned the ability to do so here.

I looked over in the meadow and all of the Brigade Angels were gathering for the second time this week.  The howl gained force and I began to run to join them.  Hershey ran by, Brody, Bo, Reba, everyone.  The howl began low and reached a crescendo.  I found myself joining in.  No one had to tell me, I knew that Paco had come home to join us.  The mournful howl was not for him.  There was nothing but joy, knowing that he had not felt well in a while but leaving his Mom was so hard for him to do.  The howls were for our pawrents.  

The Brigade Angels are a very tight knit group.  We feel every pain of every parent that allows their dog to come to the Bridge.  This howl continued and the meadow was full.  The sound reached a peak and we knew that some of our pawrents would hear it as thunder and they would know that we were mourning with them and the physical loss of us in their lives.

Finally, the howl ended and we were hugging and being very quiet.  My throat hurt but it was a good hurt.  The sound was somehow our gift to those we left behind, Moms, Dads, and our other doggie siblings.  

The Bridge these past few weeks have been very busy.  So many pawrents have come to take their loved pets with them farther on.  It was a beautiful reunion and we were a little wistful as each one walked by proudly beside of their Mom or Dad.  We long for that sweet reunion ourselves.  Mama's pack. . . Hershey, me, Toodles, Inky, Charlie, Corkey all of the rest want to feel the touch of Mama's hands and we will one day.  But we don't want it to be anytime soon.  We want them happy and healthy until that day finally comes for them.  

Our prayer here at the Bridge is peace somehow someway.  Peace.  I wonder if that is possible, all I can do is pray for it.  There was a song years ago *Eve of Destruction* I hate to think that song is in Mama's head.  I hear it when she hums it.  We seem to be tuned in to our Pawrents thoughts.  Some of them I put my paws over my ears and try to tune out.  *chuckles*  

For Paco and Leo's Mom's there is nothing but love and prayers for you.  You are lifted up every day.  


  1. Beautiful observations Smoochy. I wish humans understood how precious life is like we dogs understand.