Sunday, June 26, 2016


I landed on a tree this morning, right up at the tippy top.  There is a puddle underneath my branch.  I have been thinking of all of my friends who are not feeling well.  I am happy here at the Bridge, but that doesn't mean there aren't days of sadness.  *looks over at my monkey, who is always beside of me* I found out my monkey is a girl!!!!!  Here all this time I thought she was a he *looks down at Mama and blames her a little for not teaching me the facts of life*.  Well, I guess she didn't need to, I was "fixed" at 6 months old and for heavens sake I still squat to pee.  A source of amusement to Hershey and the other male doggies.  They tried to teach me, but I just kinda fall over.  Another source of amusement.  *laughs*

But again I am wool-gathering.  My monkey needs a name.  I liked the one Ms. Lily suggested. . . Huckleberry.  But does that mean I would have to paint her blue?  And Infinity, I liked that one too, cause I will love all of you to infinity and beyond.  But then I thought of one of the most beautiful doggies I have met up here.  Bailey, with her beautiful strand of pearls around her neck.  So...  I asked Miss Bailey if she would mind and she said no in that typical southern doggie way.  So please meet  Bailey.

Miss Bailey even found her this pretty pink dress.  She has long been my friend in one form or another and now I have someone that makes me look good.  *smiles*  She is pretty demanding though, always trying to make me follow the straight and narrow. . . as if that look from Miss Foley doesn't do it.  *smirks*  

There are so many doggies that I am getting to meet, ones that were only legend to me in the past.  And Tommy Tunes has taken me under his wing and is tutoring me on how to be a good angel.  And I am always listening to his stories.  He has so many stories.  I used to think I could spin a good yarn, but I have met my match.

Other than worrying about my friends, I am having a wonderful time.  There is always something to get into, uh do.  And always someone to do them with.  Hershey, who has been here for 8 years knows the ropes pretty well and we spend the nights together, even though he will not let me crawl on his head like he used to.  It is a wonder he didn't bite a leg off a time or two.  I was just a cuddly puppy who loved his big brother, not a malicious bone in my body.  Okay okay there might have been.

*sees Brody and Fella under the tree and knows it is time to have some fun*  Floats down out of the tree with Bailey following me.  We are planning another trip to the moon soon.  I will send a full report of what I find there.

Sending you lots of Smoochy loves and hugs.


  1. Bailey is a perfect name for your monkey. It would be cooler if you taught her how to make me tea.

  2. Perfect name! Have fun at the Moon! Love you forever!
    Josie, Koda,Wills, Emme,Elvis, Huckleberry and Mr Moo