Sunday, June 12, 2016


*sighs*  I have been officially grounded.  By my own hand uh wings.  Let me recount the day. . . .

It was a beautiful day at the Bridge.  I had been occupying my time with Brody and Fella.  We were divebombing doggies, rabbits, mouses and other smaller creatures.  I find this lots of fun since I learned to use these big black wings of mine.  Brody kept telling me that we shouldn't do this and with fear in his voice he whispered "Foley won't like it."  I just kinda pooh poohed him and continued in my ways.  I almost felt like Evil Smoochy was in those black wings of mine.  For those of you, you will remember that Evil Smoochy did some really horrible things, and he was a part of me that was hard to control.  Especially when that big old full moon hung in the sky.

We landed and I could no more lay down to rest when a messenger angel came fluttering down with a note in his a paw.  I nodded and took the heavy vellum envelope and read it.  Fear crept in to my heart. . . .  My Chambers NOW.  signed Judge Foley Monster

I handed it to Fella and I could see the look in his eyes and he clapped me on the shoulder.  "We will go with you."  I looked at Brody and he nodded in agreement looking a little chagrined.  "But, wait." you didn't get envelopes?" I whispered.  They just looked at me and said "No, just you Smoochy."

I headed to Miss Foley's chambers, pushed open the door and saw her.  She was sitting in her chair, robes freshly pressed,  On one side of her was Miss LadyBug on the other was Mr. Tommy Tunes.  I immediately felt like a mini pomeranian in her presence.  I walked through the doggies that were gathered and shivered as I saw Hershey who just nodded, Bo was there, Brody and Fella had moved into the audience.  I saw Miss Lily's family, just staring at me shaking their head.  All of my friends who had came to the bridge before me were looking at me, I saw one in the back who was almost looking at me in awe.  I noted the look with a slight nod, it was Miss Aran.  I started to shake a bit and ducked my head as I walked down that long aisle to come to rest before Miss Foley's chair.  My monkey was sitting over to the side, looking stern.

I sat there with my wings folded, silent.  I heard her clear her throat and begin to speak.  "Smoochy, I am very disappointed in you."  I could not look her in the eyes, I just stared at the floor.  "You were given your wings, those gorgeous black wings are not meant to create havoc.  Bring in the first victim."  I turned to look as a little rabbit I had buzzed earlier this morning, she was soaking wet, her ears were flopping on the ground.  Foley looked at me, "Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

I looked over at Cottontail and begin to speak slowly, "I did not mean to cause you harm," voice quivering a bit, "I am sorry, abjectly sorry."

Cottontail nodded and limped away.  

Foley turned back to me, eyes stern.  "I could bring many more in, and I know you were not alone, but Fella and Brody are not at fault.  They were happy to see you here and wanted you to get used to your wings and they did not participate in any of the shenanigans, they merely flew with you."  

She continued, sighing.  "I could remove your wings, or give you white ones so everyone will see you coming.  But I will not.  But you will not be able to fly for three weeks.  Not ONCE.  Do you understand?"

"You need to control Evil Smoochy, so sitting on a cloud will be your punishment."  She reached down and touched my wings and I knew immediately I could not fly.  

I walked out of those chambers completely chastised.  Head down, tail between my legs.  I have sat for three weeks.  

BUT. . . my punishment is over.  Smiles and unfolds my wings and lifts off . . . floating once again.  Free and Happy.  *spies a little chihauhua and starts down, but pulls up and flies happily off to see Miss Sierra and Miss Chey*  Looks over and my monkey is floating beside of me. . . Yes, life here at the Bridge is good as long as I keep out of Miss Foley's chambers *chuckles and soars off*


  1. I hope I never have to ground you again, I so enjoy flying with you

  2. OOOH Sweet Smooch eee I hate you got into trouble, but it did indeed sound like a grand adventure. Maybe you fly around Rainbow bridge and drop off stuffed monkeys to the new arrivals.

    Love, Molly and my Mom