Sunday, May 15, 2016


The last few weeks Mama kept saying I was eating so much, she of course was happy about that because I had lost so much.  But, what I had secretly been doing was sending my kibble to my friends to pay for Mama some presents.
I looked down and saw her head to the post office and I reached for the heavy duty umbrella, having learned my lesson a few days ago about Mama's and tears.  I saw her reach in the box and get the key that opens another box.  I never did quite understand all the hoops she has to jump through at the post office and instead of rain it began to hail.  HAIL.  How could it hail at the Bridge.  Then I realized that Mama was not only crying but laughing.  Thank heavens for the heavy umbrella.  I looked down around My paws and it looked like snow.  I just shook My head and watched her.  
There were two packages.  Inside one was another package with the message:
To My Wonderful Mama.  I will always love you to infinity and beyond.  Your Baby Boy Smoochy
Then she touched the bracelet that was in the package and I was wondering if a monsoon had set in.  Holding the umbrella tightly as she opened it and just held it to her heart.
Oh My, there were no words, a paw, an infinity sign, a moon and star, a tag with my name on it, a heart, a doggy, an angel wing, and another heart with dog paws on it.  A vial to put a piece of My hair and my earthly remains. AND A MONKEY . , . see right between the dog paw and infinity sign.  A MONKEY.  
How can I ever tell you, my friends, how much this meant to me?  I have no words.
Then another package from Rainbow Bridge.  I laid down under a rock to get out of the hail, rain, snowstorm that had appeared over me as she reached for it.  
It was from me at the Bridge to Mama via the roundabout way of North Carolina.  Well, it took Mama an hour to get into it.  It seems my helper used at least a roll of packing tape on it.  *chuckles* But inside was this:

There was a picture of me with my big black beautiful wings.  Thank you Foley for allowing me to have black ones.  I think Evil Smoochy is somewhere smiling at them .  
Thank you so much Miss Molly for the beautiful work.  You are amazing.  And then Mama opened the other package inside.  It was a perfect statue of me.  Mama will use it on her desk.
*wraps My angel wings around all of you and gives everyone of you a special hug and kiss*  You my friends are amazing.  I am so thankful that TB exists.  I am so glad that I got to know each and every one of you.  
I love you all. . . to the Moon and Back.


  1. Dear Smooch eee and Mamma,

    We love you guys to the moon and back too... ( You must blame my Mom's fear of packages falling to bits in the postal system for all that tape. (Looks at Mom and shakes head).

    Love, Molly and my Mom

  2. We would never have gotten through Foley's passing without the kindness of our friends, like your dear Mom, Smoochy